Long-term proprietary capital with flexible and creative thinking.

About Us

Who we are …..

Highlander Partners is a Dallas-based private investment firm, with over $3.0 billion in assets under management. The firm is uniquely positioned by using its own proprietary capital for investments. It invests on a global basis, including offices in Warsaw, Poland and Bucharest, Romania. Since its founding in 2004, the firm has completed over 90 majority control transactions in eight countries throughout North America and Europe for transaction values exceeding $5.0 billion.

Why we are different …..

  • We only invest our own capital (including all members of our team), and we do not have outside limited partners;
  • We have complete flexibility in our capital structures and no limits or restrictions on our investment decisions;
  • We have no defined investment horizon deadlines or artificial timelines, making us a patient, long-term partner with a focus on sustainable long-term value creation;
  • We have been operators in our past experiences and support entrepreneurial cultures; and
  • We are not bureaucratic and maintain total flexibility for our portfolio companies, while maintaining lower levels of leverage than most private equity firms.

Highlander’s partners represent a combination of investment professionals and successful builders and operators of significant businesses across a broad range of industries, and we believe that Highlander’s people can support management teams in developing and executing strategies that will build long-term value in the companies it invests in. Our experiences assist us in understanding the Company’s business better and allow us to spend more time on strategic initiatives rather than “learning the business.”